About us

Welcome to Popular Diamonds, where our goal is to provide the best quality diamonds, timepieces, and jewelry of all sorts at unbeatable prices. Popular Diamonds is one of the largest diamond manufacturers in the world. Popular Diamonds is a leading Diamond manufacturer in the United States and the world, offering the best and most Popular Diamonds in the industry. At Popular Diamonds you’ll find high quality diamonds certified by the most respected grading labs in the world. You can custom make your own jewelry by choosing the right diamond and we will set it in your favorite ring design, timepiece, pendants, and earrings.

We begin by identifying our client's interests, and then we offer a wide variety of choices to pick from. Our most important goal is to make your jewelry search really simple. One of our biggest goals is customer satisfaction; if the customer is happy then so are we. Our reputation of excellence is reflected in our knowledgeable staff, returning customers and referrals.