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Are you looking to buy high quality GIA certified diamonds in NYC? Get in touch with Popular Diamonds today! We’re one of the most reliable diamond manufacturers in the city, with a wide range of breathtakingly beautiful diamonds in our collection.Visit our website here.

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Looking to purchase diamond jewelry in NYC? Get in touch with Popular Diamonds. We’re one of the most reliable diamonds manufacturers in the region, providing a wide variety to buy gia diamonds stone with a 30 day return policy.

Connect with us today!

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Are you thinking to buy engagement rings? Whether it’s for an engagement ring, a present, or an investment, you should know that you’re no longer required to visit a jewelry store to make select the gem and make a purchase.

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Diamonds are known for their brilliance, sparkle and glitter. Most people are surprised to find out that all of these qualities are closely tied to just one property of the gem—its translucency. So what happens when a clear, translucent diamond turns black and opaque? Does it still remain brilliant and sparkly? How exactly are black diamonds different from white ones? Are they even real? Let’s discuss in detail. What Are Black Diamonds? Yes, black diamonds are natural and are most definitely real. In fact, black diamonds are one of the most popular types of luxurious colored diamonds. What’s interesting is...

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Diamonds are known to be the hardest substance on earth. They’re also believed to be one of the most beautiful stones. They’re a symbol of class and elegance, one that never goes out of style. When it comes to your diamond ring, it’s important for you take care of it. After all, the beauty is in its sparkle, isn’t it?

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