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There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding the subject that it can be difficult for you to navigate your way through this sparkly labyrinth! So, here we’ve listed down all the myths about choosing to buy diamond engagement rings online and put them to rest, once and for all!

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The scene is set at her best friend’s wedding reception, you’re sipping on your choice of drink when the bride tosses the bouquet, and your girlfriend flies to catch it! (We suggest to buy yellow diamond)

Long story short: she’s ready for that white-picket-fence-and-2.5-kids future with you!

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A memorable proposal requires a lot of planning and careful decision-making. You have to buy the perfect ring, pick out a dreamy location and choose the right words to make sure you get a “Yes!”

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Picking out to buy engagement rings or an engagement ring for your partner can be an overwhelming experience. And if you don’t know where even to start, it can be especially nerve-wracking.

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Are you planning to propose to the love of your life soon? Draw inspiration from these celebrity proposals!

And if you’re in NYC, get in touch with Popular Diamonds to buy engagement rings and get perfect buy diamond engagement rings online NYC for when you pop the question!

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