The Stages of Getting Engaged

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The Stages of Getting Engaged

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The scene is set at her best friend’s wedding reception, you’re sipping on your choice of drink when the bride tosses the bouquet, and your girlfriend flies to catch it! (We suggest to buy yellow diamond)

Long story short: she’s ready for that white-picket-fence-and-2.5-kids future with you!

So, what’s your move now? Start getting prepared for the stages of getting engaged! And give us approval for

Planning an engagement takes a lot more than just the will of marrying The One. However, because the prospect that lies ahead of you is so exciting, the stages of getting engaged will come easily to you—with a little help from us!

Are You Both Ready?

Before you start planning your future with someone, it’s good to check if you’re both on the same page when it comes to determining the readiness for marriage. It’s possible that your girlfriend was only having fun at her best friend’s wedding and only leaped for the bouquet for the sport! Gauge her stance on the matter first. Proposing to someone isn’t just about making a huge gesture and a lavish wedding; it’s about committing to someone for a lifetime! So, make sure you’re both ready to take that leap.

This also puts in perspective where you stand. Just because your significant other is ready for the next step in your relationship, doesn’t mean that you have to be as well! Take your time and communicate with each other, once you both feel that you’re ready for the old ball and chain, move to the next stage!

Ask for their Parents’ Blessings

Although this is a very conventional practice; asking for your woman’s hand in marriage, it no longer applies to modern couples that enjoy an equal partnership and are their own individual beings. However, it’s always nice to include your significant other’s parents in the biggest decision of your lives. In addition, it can be a romantic gesture and appreciated by your beloved and their parents.

And anyway, you don’t want to start your married life with scornful in-laws at the reception! So, pluck up the courage and ask both of her parents for their blessings to move to the next step!

Start Planning the Proposal!

The third stage is planning the proposal! Bring on the stress and endless sleepless night because this will take time, energy and some unhealthy nail-biting! Remember, this is the most important moment in both of your lives so it has to be special and one-of-a-kind!

You can go for a family proposal where you have both families present when you pop the question, or you can ask them to marry you on a special day, such as your first date anniversary or Valentine’s Day!

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This could take months to plan and still feel like it isn’t enough. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Almost 60% of proposers feel this way! So just believe in yourself and the love you share with your significant other and move to the next stage!

Buying the Perfect Ring!

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