Natural Loose Diamond 1.61 CT D Color VS1 Clarity GIA Certified Round Cut

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GIA Certified Round Cut Natural Loose Diamond 1.61 Carats D Color VS1 Clarity

This dazzling 1.61 carat Round Brilliant Diamond was graded by GIA Labs as a Natural Earth Mined Diamond, D color, VS1 clarity, Excellent Cut, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, faint fluorescence. This diamond is the perfect way to say "I love you" to that special someone. This diamond will look perfect in any setting. This diamond makes the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Hearts & arrows can be found in this stone. When viewed under special magnification, the perfectly aligned facets of the diamond reveals the Hearts and Arrows pattern. From the bottom, eight perfectly symmetrical hearts can be seen and, when viewed from the top, eight completely uniform arrows.

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Stock #: 9_48
Stone Shape: Round
1.61 ct
Clarity: VS1
Color: D
Measurements: 7.49x7.43x4.66mm
Depth %: 62.5%
Table %: 56%
Symmetry: Excellent
Polish: Excellent
Fluorescence: Faint
GIA Certificate #: 7182415603
Appraisal Value: $45,000.00
Our Price: $19,200.00

100% Guaranteed Authentic

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