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3 Post-Purchase Care Tips For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

So you have that long-awaited engagement ring on your finger. You're excited, you're happy and you've already posed in the mirror countless times, with a different pose each time to best showcase the charming radiant-cut diamond. The ring is the next big news in your friends and family circles, and the most amazing thing yet on your Instagram page. Now what?

As fun as it is to parade your diamond ring around, remember that this one of the precious and cherished pieces of jewelry pieces you own. You want to enjoy your ring for your married life, and to do that you need to take care of it.

Here are a few things to go over to best protect your charming, loved piece of jewelry.

Insure Your Ring

Getting insurance for your ring may seem unromantic, but nothing is more satisfying than a peace of mind you get from knowing that your precious belongings are safe. Insuring a diamond engagement ring is not just about honoring its financial value, but also its sentimental value.

So, whether your engagement ring is worth $500 or $5000, an insurance policy is a great idea. In case your ring is damaged, lost or stolen, you will be fully or partially covered. To get a ring insured, you will need to provide all receipts, as well as an appraisal by a certified gemologist. You can have your rings insured along with any other pieces of expensive/ significant jewelry you have in your possession.

Tip: Keep up with the worth of your diamond engagement ring by getting it reappraised every five years, since the value of diamonds and precious metals are often subject to fluctuations.

Keep It On

If you're taking your ring out of the house, make sure to keep it on you at all times. Make it a rule to never take your ring off in public. If your ring will get in the way, or if you don't want to expose it to anything that may damage it, wear it as a pendant around a chain when you take it off. This way you will not leave it behind on a bathroom counter or accidentally drop it somewhere.

Take It Off

As much as you love that shiny rock on your finger, there are times when you and it have to stay apart. Avoid wearing your ring inside your home, where you are more likely to handle things such as cooking ingredients, cleaning solutions, skincare/makeup products, and other things that can damage or corrode your ring. The same precaution applies to when you can potentially put your ring under rough situations.

Finally, make sure to have your diamond engagement ring rechecked, cleaned and polished every now and then. Maintenance is the key to keeping your ring is tip-top shape and keeping you happy! 

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