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5 Expectations Customers Have About Buying Diamonds

Buying diamond jewelry is always a fun experience, but getting told one thing about the trade, something you never expected, can put a damper on the journey. Whether you’re looking to buy a diamond watch, an engagement ring, or loose diamonds for upgrading a piece of diamond jewelry, it’s a good idea to learn as much about the trade.

Over the years, after selling to customers of all kinds, we’ve accumulated a bunch of expectations new customers usually have when they walk in or order diamond jewelry online. The “truth” can be surprising, so we’ve listed our top picks to help you make an informed decision.

   Expectation#1: Real diamonds do not break

Sure, diamonds are pretty tough. Considering the fact that these stones are used to cut through harder materials in manufacturing industries, you may expect your diamond to be entirely invulnerable to chips and nicks.

However, diamonds can be damaged; simply knocking your solitaire diamond ring to the floor can damage chip away a bit of the stone set in it.

   Expectation#2: The diamond’s clear if it “looks” fine

Define “looks”? On one hand there’s how the diamond looks to the naked eye. On the other hand, there’s how the diamond looks to a professional appraiser, who uses a magnifying tool, thus finding every nick and scratch on and within the stone. The expert-inspected clarity of a diamond takes into account every flaw, plus the location of each flaw.

   Expectation#3: Diamonds are precisely graded with a 10x loupe

You cannot get an accurate diamond grading till the stone has been inspected under a high-strength microscopic lens. Lab microscopes are unrivalled in terms of showcasing a diamond’s true clarity, and loupe doesn’t do the job well.  

   Expectation#4: A valuation price is the final offer 

Think of it as a formality to make the customer happy and keep the insurance premiums high. You will probably receive a high value of your diamond in your valuation report. In reality, there is often a vast difference between the valuation price and the actual offer.

   Expectation#5: Diamond certifications are

The global diamond industry consists of thousands of labs, and each has a slightly different grading system than the other. For example, if you receive a grading certificate, labeling your diamond having a “F” (flawless) grade clarity, you’re bound to receive an “SI” (slightly included) grade with another lab’s certification. Your diamond’s worth may go up or down—it’s just your luck.

However, in order to make sure that the diamond you’re buying is actually close to how your seller report describes it, make sure to compare the report against one you find on the official GIA report check database

Bottom line: Buy diamond jewelry online with an open mind, and work with a reliable, certified buyer. Popular Diamonds has a meticulous diamond inspection and grading process, and a qualified in-house staff for assisting customers in choosing to buy GIA diamonds.

If you would like to know more about buying diamonds, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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