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5 Pieces Of Advice Nobody Gives You About Buying An Engagement Ring

The first step to proposing is buying a diamond ring. Unless you’ve got a family heirloom ring that you can have refurbished, you’ve got ring shopping to plan for.

A diamond engagement ring is or more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a essential part of one the biggest moments in your life.

Take these 5 pieces of advice into consideration to make your ring-shopping experience special:

If you’re unsure about her taste in jewelry, call a friend

It’s perfectly okay to be clueless when you’re in the diamond market for the first time. Designing a ring can be tricky if you don’t know whether a white gold or a yellow gold band will be more appealing, or if halo settings are more appealing to your beloved than three-stones.

In that case, phone her friend. Call someone who is close, family or a friend, someone who can give you more than rough assumption of what kind of ring she has been eyeing on her Pinterest.

Choose the right cut to keep the price down

To put it simply, the cut of the diamond is a significant determinant of its appearance. Certain cuts, such as the oval and marquise cuts, look bigger that the diamonds with the same carat count but a different cut. In other words, you can get more bling for the buck, a trick that helps when you’re tight on budget but want to get something that looks really special.

Insuring the ring is as important as getting the ring

Trust us, you do not want to invest into something that puts a considerable dent in your budget, and then regret not getting it insured incase its gets lost or damaged. Plus, there is a lot of emotional value tied up with a diamond engagement ring, and insurance is a way to get protection when life takes a turn for the unexpected.

Custom-designing a ring is actually not always more expensive that a showcase buy

Pre-designed or custom designed rings; both have got precious metals, diamonds and/or gemstones. A custom designed ring may cost you less, the same, or maybe a little extra than a ring of the similar design. Plus, why not present a ring to your beloved that one-of-a-kind by getting a custom band?

And finally, design the ring before making proposal arrangements

At Popular Diamonds, we’re pretty flexible about the time when customers place orders with us for diamond jewelry online. However, there’s always a chance that you may have to face shipping delays or some other hassle along the same lines. Save yourself the stress of last-minute deadlines, and finalize the ring-shopping before you make reservations for that romantic candle-lit dinner.

Ready to shop for a diamond engagement ring? We think you are.

Check out the diamond jewelry store in New York at Popular Diamonds, or get in touch with us for help to  buy diamond engagement rings online in NYC!