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A Brief Guide To Buying Diamond Jewelry Online

The present diamond industry is quite customer-friendly. Jewelers have better tools and techniques to create exquisite jewelry designs, you have a multitude of stores to choose from, and you can buy a diamond online through a simple few swipes of your mobile device.

When it comes to buying diamond jewelry online, customers naturally feel more hesitant, and online shopping still feels a tad more artificial, despite its age.

To make it easier for you to browse the online diamond jewelry store, and click on that “Buy” button, we’ve compiled a few useful tips.

Do Your Diamond Homework

Research and learning is necessary before you make any big investment, and diamond jewelry is no exception.

Get to know what the four Cs are, what diamond qualities are preferable, what styles are trendy, and how they are priced.

Look for specifics; online diamond store categorizes their collections differently, usually using carat weight, clarity, or color as the definitive feature.

Check For A Grading Report

Diamond grading reports provide an unbiased analysis of characteristics of a diamond, and the diamond you plan on investing in should have one. These reports are authorized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Verify The Report For Authenticity

Make sure to verify the report you receive on GIA’s online report check feature. This is linked to a secure online database consisting of all issued reports, providing a way for buyers to compare grading results of the seller’s report with the online product description.    

Know Your Seller’s Reputation

It’s important you know that the business you are purchasing diamonds from is reliable enough. How long have they been in the diamond industry? Are they knowledgeable enough?

Do they have any past customer feedback, and if so, are they positive or negative? Is the business associated with any leading any jewelry trade association?

Also, check where the seller’s base of business is actually located, and how they plan on shipping your jewelry.

Choose A Payment Method You Trust

Online diamond retailers have their own chosen methods for money transaction for the sale. If you pay for an erroneous item, you can easily demand compensation as the bank will provide a recourse. A money order or check can limit this option. Proceed cautiously with payments, especially if your diamond jewelry retailer is based internationally.

Get The Diamond Appraised Immediately

Once you have your diamond jewelry in hand, make sure to get it appraised by an expert. Not only can they check if the accompanying paperwork is in order, but that the diamond itself is matches the seller’s descriptions.

Due to the availability of online tools and checks, online diamond sales are smoother than they used to be. As one of the leading experts in diamonds, we ensure that our customer receive what they see on our site.

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