Are Black Diamonds Real?

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Are Black Diamonds Real?

Diamonds are known for their brilliance, sparkle and glitter. Most people are surprised to find out that all of these qualities are closely tied to just one property of the gem—its translucency.

So what happens when a clear, translucent diamond turns black and opaque? Does it still remain brilliant and sparkly? How exactly are black diamonds different from white ones? Are they even real? Let’s discuss in detail.

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What Are Black Diamonds?

Yes, black diamonds are natural and are most definitely real. In fact, black diamonds are one of the most popular types of luxurious colored diamonds. What’s interesting is that while other colored diamonds get their shades from impurities, black diamonds are essentially clear diamonds; they appear black because of a large number of dark inclusions on their surface.

Types of Black Diamonds

There are two main types of black diamonds, these include:

Pure Earth-Mined Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are very rare, which is why they’re also extremely pricey. Moreover, the fact that they lack treatment or any kind of processing also adds to their value.

Treated Black Diamonds

Some diamonds are filled with impurities to the extent that they can’t be processed and made into white diamonds. In such instances, diamond manufacturers turn these diamonds jet black in color using heat or radioactivity. Treated black diamonds are, of course, cheaper in price than pure ones.

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Black Diamonds and the 4Cs

The 4Cs is a diamond grading system used by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to judge the quality of a gem. Just like when purchasing any other type of diamond, the 4Cs should be considered when looking for the perfect black diamond.

World Famous Black Diamonds

The natural beauty of black diamonds has captivated people all across the world. Some of the world famous black diamonds include:

The Spirit of Grisogono

This is the second largest black diamond of the world, weighing about 312.24 carats. This mesmerizing gem is currently in the possession of a Swiss jeweler, Fawaz Gruosi.

The Gruosi Diamond

Fawaz Grusosi also has the second most famous black diamond in his collection. This heart-shaped stone comes from India and weighs about 300.12 carats.

The Korloff Noir Diamond

Owned by Korloff Jewelers in France, this 88 carat diamond is thought to bring luck, happiness and prosperity to anyone who touches it.

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