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Diamond Engagement Rings Through The Decades

Each couple is different, and not everyone will follow the conventions of their decade when buying the ring to pop that big question.

However, the majority does follow the customs to make sure to stay on of top of their ring-admiration game.

Engagement Ring

A Precious History

Let’s take a walk back through the decades to see what type of bling was sported the most, shall we?


A simple solitaire diamond adorning a gold bad was the fashion of this decade. Reflecting classic European style, the rings in 1910s were generally less artful.


This decade took the engagement ring design up a notch, as the Edwardian-style, striking designs made their mark on this significant piece of jewelry. The industrial revolution led to an increased prosperity amongst the rising middle-class population, who could afford to splurge on having lacy etchings on engagement rings.


The 30s one-upped the former decades with even more elaborate, intricately fashion engagement rings. The diamonds were traditionally set in white gold or platinum, accented with other gems, including rubies and sapphires.

Whoever got down on one knee made the effort to present the bling most glamorous of them all!


The toll of WWII did not quite reach the engagement rings, which remained ostentatious and beautiful. White gold was all the rage among brides, though some still preferred their diamonds to be set in vintage Edwardian style designs.


A significant engagement ring fashion of the 50s was initiated by Audrey Hepburn, whose yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold engagement ring trio popularized the fashion of stack-able rings.   


The post-WWII boom led to an increased investment in more unconventional metals and gems. Platinum became quite popular in engagement rings.

The engagement rings of the decade were also increasingly celebrity-inspired, the most highlight style being those of Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat Asscher-cut, to Jackie Kennedy’s stunning diamond and emerald engagement ring from JFK.


The 70s saw the popularity of radiant and princess diamond cuts, as square gems became a must for engagement rings.The rings were embraced both classic and new styles of jewelry, perfect for a generation which did the same with every other fashion.


The one ring that dictated the trend for most engagement rings in the 80s was none other than Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring.Baguettes and round-cut engagement rings also flanked the decade’s setting.


The “one big diamond” on the band trend continued throughout the 90s, with the radiant-cut gem as the most-preferred style.

2000s - Present

The generation of millennial has varied tastes, with no certain trend in engagement rings. Though local jewelers often recommend Halo settings, and will be tasked with customizing a new celebrity-inspired design, no certain engagement rings styles have dominated the twentieth century thus far. Buy diamond engagement rings online.

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