The 5 Most Famous Diamond Jewelry Pieces

The 5 Most Famous Diamond Jewelry Pieces

From stunning rings worn by famous Hollywood celebrities to dazzling jewels adorning the crowns of royalty, there a few diamond jewelry pieces that are considered simply the most stunning jewelry pieces in the world.

These diamond jewelry pieces are considered some of the most recognizable fashion accessories in the diamond world and are now considered priceless.

Factors like rarity, cut, carat size, and sheer beauty has led these pieces to become iconic. Take a look at the five most famous diamond jewelry pieces in history.

1. The Hope Diamond

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The Hope diamond is arguably the most famed jewel of all. The hope diamond has a lot of legends and mysteries surrounding it which has led to its great appeal. The diamond itself is a deep gray blue and is the largest fancy colored diamond in the world. It was once owned by King Louis XIV and has since been passed on to famed jewelers. It is currently on display at the Smithsonian.

2. Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

The notorious engagement ring was very unique, not unlike its wearer. Princess Diana’s engagement ring was famous because it was not custom-made, and was hand-picked by Diana herself; quite a break from tradition.

This led the piece to become downright iconic. The ring itself features 18 carat Ceylon sapphire, surrounded in a halo of 17 dazzling diamonds. Prince William gave it to Kate Middleton on their engagement, further cementing its celebrity.

3. Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet

Another iconic diamond jewelry item is the diamond Panther bracelet owned by the famed aristocrat Wallis Simpson.

The piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, the design was done by Cartier; it depicts a realistic shape of a panther and features brilliantly radiant colorless diamonds for the body, and emeralds and onyx for the eyes. The bracelet was recently sold at an auction for $6.2 million, making the most expensive bracelet ever to be sold.

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4. Heart of the Ocean Diamond

The Heart of the Ocean Diamond was inspired by the stunning jewel seen in the worldwide blockbuster, Titanic. The real-life version of it was created for the Oscars that same year. The Necklace was created for the actress who played the elderly Rose in the movie, Gloria Stuart. Featuring a 15-carat blue diamond, the piece is estimated to be at $20 million, which makes it among the most expensive jewels of the world.

5. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

The mysterious Tiffany yellow diamond is known to be worn only twice in its 150-year old lifetime; first by Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse for a 1975 Tiffany Ball, and second time by the famous Audrey Hepburn for publicity pictures for her 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The design features a 128-carat fancy colored yellow diamond in a cushion cut, and is currently displayed at Tiffany’s on a diamond necklace.

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