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The Rarest Diamonds Of Them All

The Rarest Diamonds

Believe it or not the rarest diamonds in the world are not categorized according to how big they are, but what color they are. As loved as white diamonds are, the rarest, thus most valued, diamonds in the world comprise of fancy colors.

Natural colored diamonds in fact make up only 1% of diamonds in the world, with only 0.1% mined at the moment. With a variety of tones and saturation, each of these stones is quite unique, and the scarcity has skyrocket their worth. And if any of these colors is seen on a ring making the front pages of celeb news, the demands naturally increases. Jennifer Lopez’s $1.2 million emerald-cut pink diamond engagement ring is one enchanting example.

You can’t consider yourself a diamond aficionado without knowing the different hues of diamonds considered to be the most coveted ones in the world.

Red Diamonds

The shades of red are considered to be the rarest colors for diamonds. In fact, the pure red color has never been found in diamonds. The closest shades of red thus far consist of fancy brownish red fancy or purplish red. Combined with the rest of high-quality Cs, the red color makes the diamond priceless. The most famous mined red diamonds include the Hancock Red and the Moussaieff Red diamond.

Blue Diamonds

Blue-colored diamonds take the second position in rarity. Though it is often debated whether blue or pink is more worthy of the position, pink diamonds have become more common in the recent years. The lustrous 45.52 carat blue Hope Diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world, and the most famous blue diamond.  Blue Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

The vibrant beauty and the passionate value of pink diamonds make these the most highly-preferred fancy color diamond variety amongst women. Pink diamonds are also considered to be valuable investments. Notable pink diamonds include the Steinmetz Pink (previously known as the Pink Star), the Graff Pink and the Perfect Pink.

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are some of the lesser know unique diamonds, and yet true diamond enthusiasts will not hesitate to study or even invest in one. Renowned gemologist Edwin Street-er dubbed orange diamonds as "fire diamonds" for their captivating warm shades. The Pumpkin Orange Diamond, a vivid orange stones with hints of yellow, is the most popular one in this category.

Yellow Diamonds

Ever since Paris Hilton’s $2 million canary diamond engagement ring made it to the headlines, yellow diamonds have gained immense popularity. Though still uncommon in existence, canary yellow diamonds are now more readily available than the rest of the fancy colored diamond varieties. You can choose your perfect yellow diamond from a range of shades and saturation, including subtle pastels and intense vibrant.  

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