The Signs of a Fake Diamonds

The Signs of a Fake Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond—but with the advanced technology of today, artificial diamonds can shine just as bright as their genuine counterparts.

So, when it comes to detecting a fake from a true stone, what is a diamond buyer to do?

We recommend you always buy diamonds from a trusted diamond store that sells GIA certified diamonds.

Here are a few telltale signs that give the fake diamonds away.

Look at How the Light Passes Through a Stone

Fake diamonds produced today are of such high-quality that even experienced diamond experts can get tricked into believing it’s real. The key to checking whether the diamond you’re buying is fake or not is by looking at it through a jeweler’s loupe and seeing how the light passes through it. With a real diamond, the light will reflect in tones of gray; a fake diamond will emit rainbow-like hues.

Heat Resistance

Another sign to check whether your diamond is real or not is by heating it up and seeing how it reacts. Real diamonds can withstand high temperatures without altering their shape; a fake diamond made out of glass will immediately shatter when heated.

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See if it Fogs Up

Although not a surefire way to tell whether your diamond is real or not, it can give you an idea. A fake diamond cannot absorb heat, so when you blow air on it, it will remain unaffected. Whereas blowing air on a real diamond will immediately result in it fogging up.

The Weight

A common synthetic diamond substitute for the real one is a substance called cubic zirconia. They are surprisingly similar in size and brilliance to a diamond, but are of course, less pricey. Interestingly, real diamonds weigh less than cubic zirconia stones. If the diamond you have weighs less than 55% of what a cubic zirconia stone weighs, then you have the real deal.

The Setting

The setting of the diamond is another telltale sign that can hint to its authenticity. If the metal in which the diamond is set is of poor quality and bears a ‘C.Z’ stamp, then the possibilities of the stone being fake are high. But settings made with 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, bearing markings of 585, 750, 900, 950, Plat, or PT are most probably real.

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