Top Tips to Design Your Own Diamond Ring

Wouldn’t you want a ring that is a complete manifestation of your personality? Most modern day jewelry stores have a customization facet that allows you to create jewelry that is as unique as you.

However as exciting as it may sound, if you don’t know what you’re in for, you would probably end up making the process cumbersome and futile. These tips will help you design your own customized ring, without the hassle of uncertainty.


Start Off Early!

If you plan to get your ring custom made, it will take longer than usual. Creating something that is one-of-a-kind would require time to design, and complete. You need to find the perfect jewelry store, finalize a design, work up your budget, and keep adequate time margin to let the process work and complete effectively. So, make sure you kick off the process early! 

Do You Have an Inspiration?

What inspires you? Nature, fantasy, fandoms, places, heirlooms, basically anything, and everything that interests you could prove to be a powerful inspiration for design. Came across a ring that caught your attention in the movie you watched? Or is it the scintillating description of a stunner you read in a novel? Take to customization to make it come to life.

Already Like Something? Better Get it Modified!

There are a lot of designs available online for both engagement rings and wedding rings. If you find a design you particularly like, get it replicated with the alterations you desire to match your preferences. This is the easiest way out. It allows you to get creative with design, and you’d be surprised at how much a simple change of center stone, or an additional layer of diamonds can alter the look of the same ring.

Approach a Jewelry Store that Delivers

You want the ring to be made to perfection? You need to make sure the jewelry store you pick is up for the job! Do a thorough check: go through independent reviews and/or client testimonials to judge the reliability and performance of the business. Since most jewelry stores now provide customization services, you need to ensure the one you select is not outsourcing the job to others. Jewelry stores that have in-house craftsmen allow you better control on design and cost of your piece.  

Get Quotes

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