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Your Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Essentials

It is true what they say; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Other things might come and go, but diamonds are forever. They cheer you up when you feel low and make you look stylish and classy. No jewelry collection is complete without a few diamond jewelry essentials.

Just as every wardrobe must have a Little Black Dress, there a few diamond staples that you simply must have. They are classic and they never go out of fashion.

Here is a breakdown of the 5 timeless diamond jewelry essentials that you must have.

1. Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are the epitome of understated elegance. They can be worn with pretty much anything and still manage to give you that effortless chic look. The right amount of sparkle, not too less and not too much, makes diamond studs a must have for any jewelry collection.

Give any outfit a touch of glamour by gifting yourself or your special someone a pair of diamond studs.

2. Diamond Necklace

Nothing exudes more class and style than a shimmering diamond necklace. A classic jewelry piece to own, even the slightest movement will make the diamonds in your necklace shimmer and make your neck appear graceful and elegant.

Mesmerize others by sporting an elegant diamond necklace.

3. Diamond Pendant

A simple solitaire diamond pendant will never go out of style. You can wear it with anything and still pull it off effortlessly. A diamond pendant set in a necklace will give a clean and simple, yet elegant look. You can pair your diamond pendant with other necklaces and create a classy fashion statement.  

4. Diamond Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is a simple yet graceful accessory that will make your wrists look alluring and delicate. A diamond tennis bracelet is a symmetrical line of diamonds set together. The bracelet got its unusual name as a result of tennis player Chris Evert, who famously lost her diamond bracelet during a tennis match and stopped the game midway to look for it.

The simple design of the diamond bracelet makes it a classic staple.

5. Diamond Solitaire Ring

No jewelry collection is complete without a diamond solitaire ring in it. One of the most popular choices for an engagement ring, diamond solitaires have been selected as a symbol of the matrimonial bond for decades. But even if you don’t wear a diamond solitaire on your left-hand ring finger, there are five more fingers on the right hand!

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